A Day of Compassion and Solidarity at Nebula Academy

Today, Nebula Academy extended a warm welcome to the Turkish and Syrian communities, offering them a safe space to share their sorrows and grievances. The atmosphere on the third floor was filled with empathy and understanding as students, staff, parents, and community members gathered to lend their support.

In this moment of shared sorrow, Nebula Academy opened its doors to those community members whose families in Turkey and Syria affected by recent earthquakes. The gathering was a testament to the strength of our community when it unites for a noble cause.

Participants brought with them a rich array of heartfelt expressions and personal stories. It was a time for reflection and the opportunity to offer comfort and consolation.

The event was not just about providing emotional support; it also offered an educational opportunity for our students. Many of them have family members and friends directly impacted by these tragic events, and this gathering allowed them to demonstrate their solidarity and support.

Students eagerly joined the initiative, assisting in various capacities, from hosting booths and welcoming visitors to aiding with the event’s organization and cleanup. Some even contributed their own homemade offerings, standing side by side with their parents and teachers.

The event included an assortment of food beyond sweet treats, including sandwiches, quiches, and pastries, catering to those seeking heartier sustenance.