Parent-Community Communication Hub

We are dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication with our valued parents. Here are three convenient methods to get in touch with us:

In-Person Meetings with Administrators:

We encourage parents to schedule in-person meetings with our administrators to discuss any concerns, requests, or important matters. These face-to-face interactions offer a personalized and thorough approach to address your needs. To schedule an in-person meeting, please contact our office.

Phone Communication with the Office:

Our office is just a phone call away. Whether you have questions, need assistance, or wish to discuss matters with our team, feel free to call us. Our office staff is here to help you and can assist in scheduling meetings with administrators if needed.

Email Communication:

Email provides a convenient way to communicate non-urgent matters. You can share your requests, inquiries, or concerns with us through email. If you prefer to have a detailed discussion, you can also request a suitable time to schedule a meeting with our administrators.

Address: 12023 81 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 2S9

Phone: (780) 761-0250


At Nebula Academy, we are committed to being a supportive partner in your child’s education journey. We are here to discuss any topic that matters to you, including:

Academic Progress: Insight into your child’s academic journey, challenges, and achievements.

Emotional Well-being: Discussions about your child’s emotional and social well-being at school.

Complaints: A platform to voice any concerns or complaints related to school operations, policies, or practices.

Feedback: Providing valuable feedback on curriculum, events, and other aspects of the school experience.

General Inquiries: Seeking information on events, policies, and other school-related matters.

Your input matters to us. Nebula Academy is dedicated to fostering a welcoming environment where open dialogue thrives. Together, let’s ensure the best possible education and experience for your child.