Hijab and Traditional Dress Day

We will organize a Hijab and Traditional Dress Day on November 16, 2023 (Thursday). We encourage our female students to wear a hijab and all students to wear a dress of their culture. Hijab can be traditional or any kind that the student likes to have on. Please choose a dress or hijab that your child feels comfortable throughout the day at school.
There will be panels on that day. Panelists will share their experience and feelings about the hijab with the students.

We look for parents and persons referred by parents to take part in hijab panels as panelists. Panel will take about 40 minutes. Each speaker will have 5-10 minutes of talk. There will be a Q&A session to answer the questions from students. We want speakers to share

  • Why wearing a hijab is important to them
  • How they chose to wear a hijab
  • How it is being a Muslim individual with a hijab at work, at school, etc.
    in Canada
  • Any personal anecdote/advice relevant to wearing a hijab

Administration will have a short meeting with volunteers in advance and reserve the right for the selection of the panelists.

Feel free to come by the office for further details.