Home Visit

Nebula   Academy has established successful teacher home visit program. There are many goals for these visits including: bridging cultural barriers, reporting on academic progress, getting to know the student closer, enlisting parental support to increase academic achievement, and giving parents the tools to do so.

As Nebula Academy Faculty, we believe that Teachers always benefit from learning more about their students’ interests and experiences and about parents’ goals for their children.

There are limits to what teachers can perceive about each student in the classroom; by visiting the student’s homes the teacher is able to gain an idea of the kind of home and community they grew up in and acquire new insights into the student’s personality. By understanding family values the teacher gains priceless insight into what makes her/his students tick. As Nebula Academy, we think of education as a three-legged stool: student, parent and teacher. With all these legs intact, the student has a solid foundation, however if one of these “legs” is missing then the process is more challenging. Teachers, administrators, and parents must all be part of the foundation of student success and be willing to support the student in their academic career.