Indoor Field Trip-The Junior Wildlife Ambassador Program (JWAP)

WILDNorth is a charitable organization that provides compassionate care for injured, contaminated and orphaned wildlife and educates the public on the importance of wildlife in our community.

The mission of WILDNorth is to deliver services to people of Northern Alberta with wildlife-related concerns by providing compassionate care to injured and orphaned wildlife and by educating our communities about humanely coexisting with wildlife.

Volunteers of WILDNorth by The Junior Wildlife Ambassador Program (JWAP) came into Nebula Academy to educate our students on the importance of wildlife in our community and empower each student to take action in their own community. They offered curriculum-specific presentations for Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 in our school such that:

In Grade 3 – “Life Cycles, Wildlife & My Community”

This is a 30-minute presentation provided students with the opportunity to explore and learn about the life cycle of a local songbird. Linked directly to the Animal Life Cycles unit, it offered a fun and tangible way for students to learn about a full life cycle while developing an awareness and appreciation for backyard nature.

In Grade 4 – “Litter, Wildlife & My Community”

Since a clean community is a shared responsibility, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society have joined forces to deliver the “Litter, Wildlife & My Community” classroom program. Educational and entertaining, this 60-minute presentation directly linked to the Waste and Our World unit.

In Grade 5 – “Wetlands, Wildlife & My Community”

“Wetlands, Wildlife & My Community” took students on a 60-minute virtual exploration through the Wetland Ecosystems and examined how human activities could threaten the survival of wildlife in these sensitive ecosystems.

In Grade 6 – “Trees, Wildlife & My Community”

Linking directly to the Trees and Forests unit, “Trees, Wildlife & My Community” is an interesting and enjoyable 60-minute investigation into the interactions between trees and the numerous wildlife species that students find in the boreal forest and in their own backyard. Because most of the wildlife patients WILDNorth receives each year are injured due to human-related activity, this program helps students gain the tools to make a difference and lessen their impact.