Nebula Academy Shines on Global News Edmonton: First Aid Project Highlights

We are delighted to share that our Grade 5 homeroom teacher, Kyle Snape, along with our student Sarah, were featured on Global News Edmonton, alongside Mike Oxamitny from Western Canada Fire and First Aid. Together, they shed light on our innovative first aid project, a pioneering initiative aimed at equipping students with life-saving skills.

Led by Kyle Snape, the project is a testament to our commitment to holistic education. Recognizing the importance of providing students with essential life skills, our program fills a crucial gap in first aid education. Through hands-on training sessions, students learn vital techniques such as CPR, assisting with choking incidents, and aiding unconscious individuals.

On Global News TV, Edmonton, Mr. Snape eloquently articulated the vision behind the project, emphasizing its importance in preparing students for emergencies and future challenges. Sarah shared her firsthand experiences with learning and applying first aid skills. Her confidence and readiness to respond to emergencies exemplify the effectiveness of the program. Mike Oxamitny from Western Canada Fire and First Aid, provided valuable perspectives on the partnership between Nebula Academy and Western Canada Fire and First Aid, outlining plans for future expansion and refinement of the program.

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