Nebula Academy Student Council

At Nebula Academy, leadership is an important area for student learning. We believe that everyone has the potential to exercise leadership, whether or not in formal positions. Leadership is not a responsibility confined to the ‘badge wearers’ and is shared by all students and staff. “Any action we do that makes the world in which we live a better place” is the paradigm shift for our leaders of tomorrow.

Our goal is to have students understand what is involved in ethical and effective leadership, and to assess and develop their own abilities so that they are more confident and able to provide leadership when required. Through participation in the whole of school Student Council Program and involvement in community service projects, students learn about the skills involved in effective leadership and the ethics of leadership in the context of community service. Students are encouraged to take on leadership positions at all levels within the school and wider community.

The functions and activities of the Student Council support the mission and objectives of the Council and promote the development of our school and the welfare of our students.

The fundamental functions of the Council are outlined as follows:

Representing the views of the students
Promoting good communications within the school
Supporting the educational development and progress of students
Assisting with induction and/or mentoring for new students
Contributing to the development of school policy
Assisting in school sporting and cultural activities
Assisting with or organizing fundraising events for charity