Rise Up to Aid: Helping the Victims of the Southern Turkey Earthquake

A massive earthquake has struck Turkey and Syria, killing thousands of people and injuring more than 13,000. The magnitude 7.8 quake brought down apartment buildings and added to the devastation for millions of people.

The harsh winter weather, including freezing temperatures and snowstorms, has made the situation even more difficult for those who are injured or homeless. In addition, poor internet connections and damaged roads have hindered efforts to assess the impact of the earthquake.

The second large quake that struck in the early afternoon has further worsened the situation. Health workers are working to tend to the injured while rescuers are searching for survivors amidst the rubble. The freezing temperatures and rain are expected to worsen the conditions for those who are trapped or homeless.

Embrace Relief, a non-profit organization, has launched an aid campaign to provide support to those affected by the disaster. If you want to contribute and make a difference, please consider making a donation through this link:


Your generosity can help heal the wounds of those affected by the earthquake and make a real impact in their lives.
Thank you for your support.

Nebula Academy Faculty